Kari Carroll, MS
Professional Counselor

I have a Master's of Science in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Family, Relationship and Individual Psychotherapy from Our Lady of the Lake University-- a liberal arts school with emphasis on social justice and multiculturalism. My undergraduate degrees in both Experimental Psychology and Communication are from the University of Texas at San Antonio. I have participated in original research in clinical psychoneuroendocrinology (stress hormones) and how life experiences such as trauma, depression, immigration and sexual abuse affect stress levels in the brain. I have also researched health psychology, neurology and social psychology. Having provided therapy at a community counseling clinic, homeless shelter, center for families of children with special needs, university counseling center and private school, I have worked with a wide range of families and partners with varying sociocultural status. I am a Level II trained Gottman Relationship Therapist and also a Gottman 7 Principles Program Leader. 

I have professional experience as well as life experience in a wide array of complex issues such as divorce, single parenting, trauma, domestic violence, depression and anxiety, sexual abuse, justice system, alcohol and substance use, military life and career counseling. I have seen many relationships overcome these debilitating events and move past them, as hard as that is to fathom when it's happening.  

Being curious, social and engaged, I like to know what's going on in the neighborhoods, communities and world around me. Families make up the core of our communities, and I am passionate about working to understand what strengthens them. At the same time, I feel strongly about unplugging and living an active, mindful and purposeful life. Making a "no-regrets bucket list" is a good way to start envisioning what you want for your relationship and self in this short life. Living life to the fullest and according to your dreams, amid the daily monotony, will help you to feel more satisfied in your relationships. I cherish free time by exploring Portland's many parks; eating local and traveling to other big cities around the world. I enjoy history, amateur street photography, social justice, anthropology, street art, poetry, cooking, rock climbing and yoga.


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