Support to help you be the best version of yourself. Because life is way more satisfying this way.

Relationship Counseling: Unsatisfied with the relationships in your life and wanting skills to help them become more fulfilling, or maybe unsure if you're wanting to maintain certain relationships? Noticing uneasy feelings like worry, anger or hopelessness? Feeling stuck with the advice you're getting from friends and loved ones, and ready to further understand yourself and those around you with a fresh perspective? Let's do this. 

Career Counseling: I also work with folks feeling uninspired by their career choices and wanting to determine how to become more fulfilled by their life's work. I help clients determine who they are and how this can fit into a possible and financially successful career option. Portland's entrepreneurial spirit serves to inspire those living here to know that many things are possible if you can dream it up. I have years of experience with working for a Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For in addition to being a business owner and a deep curiosity and understanding of both traditional/professional as well as entrepreneurial career fields. I can help you negotiate your worth and guide you to create the connections that contribute to greater meaning in your life. Let's get started.

relationship Issues Addressed:

Deciding whether to break up

Navigating the dating world: when to commit?

Life transitions (school/career, relocating, buying a home, having children, children developmental changes affecting relationship)

Planning life dreams

Ambivalence in relationships: do I want to stay committed and how can I be more fulfilled?

Breakup/divorce counseling: processing emotional injuries and navigating logistics

Negotiating areas of conflict (stress, finances, housework, social preferences, sex, moving, porn, relationships with family)

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning identities in relationships 

Family, cultural or religious identities in relationships

Communication and conflict skills

Connecting more deeply with loved ones

Creating boundaries

Major life decisions and goals

Recovering from emotional or physical betrayal

Difficulty trusting

Healing from past romantic and family relationships

Improving sexual and physical intimacy

Why am I or my partner avoidant?

Why am I so reactive/fearful/ashamed/frozen?

Stress impacts

Depression: that pesky dark cloud

Worry and anxiety