Jonathan Robert, M.Ed.


The connections we maintain are very similar to growing plants. When we come together to create a partnership, we combine our plants into a single pot. This can cause many growing pains and maintenance becomes crucial. If you prune too close there is limited growth the next season, but if you do not prune enough the pot can become cluttered and suffocating. Proper maintenance of a relationship, much like plants, often requires outside assistance. The old saying "can't see the forest for the trees" is a great example. I stand beside individuals and couples to help them see the forest for what it truly is - rather than how scary it can look in the dark.

I spent so much time on the other side looking in - each shadow increasing my anxiety. Years of my own personal growth has taught me many life lessons. I learned over time the value of honest communication, the beauty of authenticity, and how brave it is to live vulnerably. These are skills that are not taught in most families and certainly not depicted in society or media. I believe that the health of a relationship needs direct attention in the form of courageous conversation. Similar to our physical health, relationship health can be monitored and improved.

As a coach, I act as an intermediary between you and your partner with the goal of directly helping your relationship. Sometimes this will look like pruning your relationship's weeds or enriching the soil in your shared pot. While these plants share the same pot, they are actually two separate plants with occasionally competing needs and wants. The first step is to gently observe and understand each person's uniqueness. Only afterward can each person better understand how to make the relationship grow in the intended direction. For individual sessions, I apply these same principles across all the relationships of your life including familial and social. I specialize in cases of relationship trauma, betrayal, conscious uncoupling, and irreconcilable differences as well as general maintenance and upkeep. I love working with humans of all beliefs and lifestyles and have experience with various relationship paradigms. Kindness and love triumph all.


-Certified Relationship Coach
-Courageous Conversations Equity Training
-Consent-based Sex Positive Trainings
-Years of individual and group therapy
-Stay at home dad for 4 years
-Master’s of education from George Washington University

I find fascination in all things science as well as the imaginary and I passionately write poetry on the side. I live for dance, laughter, love, and joy - fed by my relationships with close friends and family. I firmly believe beauty and whimsy can be found in the ordinary and I strive to be present to these daily.