Are you feeling unsatisfied in your relationships no matter what you do? We work with couples and adults in various kinds of relationships to identify their particular dynamic and create a healthier, intentional and more enjoyable one. We do this by allowing all parties to feel understood and validated, identify difficult feelings and unhealthy patterns, set boundaries, increase awareness of past traumas and triggering experiences, discuss choices and do so with compassion, accountability, consent and kindness. Creating healthy relationships requires stretching our tolerances with hard work and introspection, but the reward of such risk can bring you to lightness, joy and deeper connection.

Common Issues Addressed:

Adult romantic/ family/ friend/ coworker relationships
Nonviolent communication skills
Conflict management
Implementing healthy boundaries
Identifying emotional fears, shame, sadness and hurt
Sexuality/ kink
Unresolved wounds and resentments
Discernment counseling (considering parting ways)
Conscious uncoupling (breaking up)
Negotiating differences in roles, duties, needs
Premarital services

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
— Rumi