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stuff your parents never taught you about relationships.

 Peer into the world of relationship possibilities

Peer into the world of relationship possibilities

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Using information that predicts breakup and teaches you the 7 Principles that Make Relationships Work. Learn how to enjoy your relationship. You'll leave with skills and strategies that work.

I am a trained Gottman 7 Principles Program Educator, and through the internationally acclaimed Gottman Method I present wisdom from 4 decades of research with over 3000 couples: 7 Principles toward building a strong, satisfying and meaningful relationship. In this workshop, you are given workbooks and private opportunities to do exercises and really put the information into practice in a supportive environment. This material helps you and your partner discover what may not be working in the relationship, how to approach your valid needs differently, and also highlights strengths you already have. You learn which behaviors are helpful and harmful to your relationship, how to manage conflict and the keys to a long, fulfilling and satisfying relationship. This workshop can be quite informative, hopeful, and life-changing for many clients.